The Hit Label Records specialising in compilation albums of various genres and dance singles. It was a sub-label of Chrysalis Records 13 Bramley Road, London, W10 6SP. It issued singles in an HLS-0 numerical series. Distributed By Chrysalis Records.

92 Kidd Carol & Terry Waite When I Dream THE HIT LABEL HLS 1
92 Not Traced THE HIT LABEL HLS 2
93 Johnny Griggs with Simon May  When You Go Away (The Love Song From Eldorado)  THE HIT LABEL HLS 3
93 Unitone Rockers Featuring Steel Children Of The Revolution THE HIT LABEL HLS 4
94 Average White Band Let's Go Round Again   THE HIT LABEL HLS 5
92 Jones Tom Delilah [Re-Issue] THE HIT LABEL TOM 10

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