Tick Tock Recording Records was a DIY label. It managed two singles. It issued singles in the SRT numerical series and TT-0 numerical series. Another Man's Poison was a band from Cambridgeshire. Originally founded in winter 1991. The original line-up was: Charlie Hall - Vocals
Jason Hughes - Lead guitar Dave Childs - rhythm guitar Alan Swain - Bass guitar Darren Romain - Drums. In September 1991 they recorded first demo tape 'Get ready to rumble', a must for all collectors! It had 7 tracks and showed early signs of the brilliance that was to become Another Man's Poison. Already in March '92 they went again into the studio and put out their first single 'Now that's what I call' on their own label Tick Tock Recording. The second single was recorded later that year and released in early 1993 again on Tick Tock Recording. 'Wallop' was perhaps the song that gave them the recognition they were searching for. Distributed By Tick Tock Recording Records.

92 Another Man's Poison  Now Thats What I Call  TICK TOCK RECORDING SRT 92S 3177
93 Another Man's Poison  I Spit On My Fist TICK TOCK RECORDING TT 2

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