Tippy Toe Records was a DIY label formed by Tindersticks. It managed one single. It issued singles in an TIPPY-000 numerical series. Tindersticks are an indie rock band from Nottingham, that formed in 1991. They released six albums before singer Stuart Staples took on a solo. Stuart Staples (vocals) Dave Boulter (organ and accordion) Neil Fraser (guitar) Dickon Hinchliffe (guitar and strings) Al Macauley (percussion and drums) John Thompson (bass). formed the band in 1991. Tindersticks started recording demo tapes in 1992, and formed their own label Tippy Toe Records to release their first single, "Patchwork", in the same year. the band ordered the first 500 copies of Patchwork/Milky Teeth, but they were pressed up the wrong way round - the "Lee Side" was supposed to have Milky Teeth, but it played Patchwork and the "Nancy Side" was supposed to have Patchwork but it played Milky Teeth - so they got in touch with the pressing plant, who re-pressed it - but the second batch was done the wrong way round again! The second pressing was numbered in minus figures (-500 to -1) and the sleeves were not hand-coloured. Distributed By Tippy Toe Records.

92 The Tindersticks  Milky Teeth   TIPPY TOE TIPPY 001

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