Independent label: Townhill Records was from Swansea formed by Huw Williams. It issued singles in an TIDY-000 numerical series. 60 Ft. Dolls were a British rock trio active in the 1990s. They were formed in Newport in 1992 by Richard J. Parfitt and Michael Cole, who met through Donna Matthews (later of Elastica). In 1993, Huw Williams of the Pooh Sticks became their manager and released the debut single "Happy Shopper", named after a British convenience store chain, on his own Townhill label. Distributed By Vital Records.

94 60Ft Dolls Happy Shopper TOWNHILL TIDY 001
95 Novocaine Tension TOWNHILL TIDY 002
96 Not Traced TOWNHILL TIDY 003
96 Various Artists Its An Artrage TOWNHILL TIDY 004
96 Sammo Hung Hit The Konvulsator  TOWNHILL TIDY 005

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