Independent Reggae label: Tree Roots Music Records was formed by Ijahman Levi. It managed at least two singles in the UK. It issued singles in an JM1S series. Ijahman Levi (born: Trevor Sutherland) has been on the cutting edge of Jamaica's music for more than four decades. Educated to the high school level in Kingston, Levi was mentored by vocal teacher Joe Higgs. Recorded his first single, "Red Eyes People," under the guidance of Stranjah Cole for Duke Reid Productions, at the age of thirteen. Courted by several record companies, Levi recorded singles for Polydor in 1967 in 1967 and Decca in 1968. Levi's career was temporarily stilled when he was arrested in 1970 a sent to prison for three years. While imprisoned, he assumed the name of Ijahman Levi and wrote the classic tune, "Jah Heavy Lord." Released from prison in 1974, Levi found refuge at the house of Rastafari at the St. Agnes Place headquarters of the Twelve Tribes. In 1975, Levi recorded "Jah Heavy Load" for the Concrete Jungle subsidiary of Dip Records. Levi was signed to a recording contract by the Island Records owner Chris Blackwell. Following the success of the two albums, Levi left Island and formed his own label, Tree Roots Records International", in 1980. The following year, he married his second wife, Madge. Ijahman remained active in the 1990s. Distributed By Sprint Records Records.

98 Ijahman Levi  Bun Bun  TREE ROOTS MUSIC JM1S 601 
98 Ijahman Levi  Armageddon Warriors  TREE ROOTS MUSIC JM1S 28D

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