Independent label: Tug Records was a record label that was launched in 1988 by Guy Holmes as a subsidiary of The Gut Reaction, a promotion company. Tug had its first success with Right Said Fred in 1991. Tug Records normally releases one-off and novelty singles such as Pondlife, however 1993's Right Said Fred soundalike Suntan song by Stan was released on another subsidiary called Hug Records. The label changed name to Gut Records in the mid 90s. Now Owned by Phoenix Music International Ltd since 2008. It issued singles in an Snog-0 numerical series. Parent Label:Gut Records Former Address: North Lodge Cromer Norfolk
NR27 0AH. Distributed By Total Records.

91 Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy TUG SNOG 1
91 Right Said Fred Don't Talk Just Kiss TUG SNOG 2
92 Right Said Fred Deeply Dippy TUG SNOG 3
92 Right Said Fred Those Simple Things TUG SNOG 4
92 Not Traced TUG SNOG 5
92 Not Traced TUG SNOG 6
93 Right Said Fred Bumped TUG SNOG 7
93 Right Said Fred Hands Up (4 Lovers) TUG SNOG 8
93 Right Said Fred Wonderman TUG SNOG 9
93 Right Said Fred Stick It Out TUG COMIC   1
95 Aswad  You'Re No Good  TUG BUBB 5

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