Independent label: Tugboat was a label set up in the late-90’s by Glen Johnson on the request of Rough Trade founder, Geoff Travis. At the time, Johnson, also of the band, Piano Magic, worked in various guises for Rough Trade. The name for the label was chosen by Johnson and references a song by one of his favourite (Rough Trade) bands, Galaxie 500. It managed one singles. Johnson left Rough Trade in 2004 and after minor releases by Brakes and Pellumair, Tugboat fell silent. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Tugboat records former address: 66 Golborne Road London W10 5PS. Distributed By Rough Trade Records.

98 Isan Beautronics (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 004
99 Low Secret Name (Cd)                              TUGBOAT TUG CD 007
99 Tiger Rosaria (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 009
99 Disco Inferno The Mixing It Session (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 011
99 Sodastream Practical Footwear TUGBOAT TUG CD 012
2000 Low Christmas (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 014
2000 Sodastream Looks Like A Russian (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 018
2000 Múm Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is Ok (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 021
2000 Life Without Buildings Any Other City (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 023
2001 Low Things We Lost In The Fire (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 027
2001 Sodastream The Hill For Company (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 030
2002 Desert Hearts Let'S Get Worse (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 031
2003 Fortdax Folly (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 032
2004 Pellumair Summer Storm (Cd) TUGBOAT TUG CD 035
99 Spring Heel Jack     The Sound Of Music Ep (Cd) TUGBOAT TUGS CD 008
99 Low  The Videos (Video) TUGBOAT TUG V 013
98 Low Joan Of Arc TUGBOAT TUGS 001
98 Flygaric Cindi 74 TUGBOAT TUGS 002
98 Ooberman Shorley Wall Ep (12") TUGBOAT TUGS 003
98 Not Traced TUGBOAT TUGS 005
99 Low Immune TUGBOAT TUGS 006
99 Not Traced TUGBOAT TUGS 010
2000 Desert Hearts No More Art  TUGBOAT TUGS 015
2000 Life Without Buildings The Leanover TUGBOAT TUGS 016
2000 Life Without Buildings Is, Is & The Irs/Let'S Get Out TUGBOAT TUGS 019
2000 Not Traced TUGBOAT TUGS 020
2000 Bunny Ambulance Drive TUGBOAT TUGS 022
2000 Low Dinosaur Act TUGBOAT TUGS 024
2000 Ian Crause Elemental TUGBOAT TUGS 025
2001 Life Without Buildings Young Offenders TUGBOAT TUGS 026
2001 Mull Historical Society Barcode Bypass / Mull Historical Society TUGBOAT TUGS 028
2001 Mull Historical Society I Tried TUGBOAT TUGS 029
2004 Brakes Pick Up The Phone TUGBOAT TUGS 033
2004 Pellumair Iris / Turnaround TUGBOAT TUGS 034
2004 Pellumair Silk As Her Era / Iris TUGBOAT TUGS 036
2000 Low/Spring Heel Jack Bombscare Ep                          TUGBOAT TUGS CD 017

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