Independent record label of the record shop Vinyl Experience. It managed at least four singles Manufactured By MPO, who were a French pressing plant, manufacturing and distribution company which stemmed from their original pressing plant in Averton (Mayenne), France. (The 'MPO' acronym remains from the original company; 'Moulages et Plastiques de l'Ouest'). Through expansion, MPO has permanent offices throughout the world, with a strong presence in Europe. UFO Records Ltd Former Address: 26 Grosvenor Street, London W1XOBD, and 20 Hanway Street, London W1P 9DD. Distributed By Contempo International Records.

90 Sun Dial Exploding In Your Mind (12")  UFO UFO45 001T
91 Sun Dial Overspill (12")  UFO UFO45 002T
91 Nikki Sudden I Belong To You (12")  UFO UFO45 003T
92 Deep We Came To Love In For The Kill (12")   UFO UFO45 004T
92 Ccw Featuring Hugh Cornwell, Roger Cook, Andy West  Fazer UFO UFO45 005
91 Lydia Lunch Spooky UFO UFOPF 1
91 Sun Dial Fireball UFO PF 2
92 Sun Dial Reflecter (Cd) UFO PF 3 CD
92 Sun Dial  Let It Go (Live)  UFO No Cat Number

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