Independent label: Ultimate Records It issued singles in an TOPP-000 numerical series. Ultimate Records Former Address: 271 Royal College Street Camden Town London NW1 9LU. The Belltower was an American alternative rock band from New York City. The band was formed by singers/guitarists Britta Phillips and Jody Porter in the early 1990s. They added Mark Browning, before relocating to London in 1990, where they recorded their debut EP Exploration Day, with Terry Bickers acting as producer. Levitation were an English rock band fronted by ex-House of Love guitarist Terry Bickers. with former Something Pretty Beautiful drummer David Francolini. Based in London, they formed Levitation with a group of musicians - second guitarist Christian Hayes keyboard player/occasional guitarist Robert White, Johnny T (a violinist from The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra), and bass player Joe Allen. The Werefrogs, was formed in 1988 and played shows in and around New York City and the suburbs. Band members formed the Part Trance record label and release two 7" singles. Later the group visited the U.K. and eventually signed with Ultimate Records. Sidi Bou Said were a London based rock band, who existed during the 1990s. Band members were Claire Lemmon, Gayl Harrison, Melanie Woods, Lee Howton. 8 Storey Window were a four and sometimes three piece band active from 1992 to 1995. The band comprised of Chris Conklin ( singer, guitarist, songwriter) and Steve George, later bass player with the influential band Swervedriver and Andy Crisp (later of 12 Rounds on drums. Bang Bang Machine were a cult indie band from Evesham, Worcestershire in England. They formed in 1989 and split up in 1996. Band members were Steve Eagles: Guitar Elizabeth Freeth: Vocals Stan Lee: Bass Lamp: Drums.Distributed By Vital (1995) and Pinnacle Records (1996).

91 Honey Smugglers Besides Which (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 001T
91 Purple Under Melted Pink Barabajagal ULTIMATE TOPP 002
91 Levitation Nadine ULTIMATE TOPP 003
92 Belltower Exploration Day E.P (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 004T
92 Levitation Firefly ULTIMATE TOPP 005
92 Belltower  Lost In Hollow ULTIMATE TOPP 006
92 Werefrogs Lazy ULTIMATE TOPP 007
92 Werefrogs Don'T Slip Away ULTIMATE TOPP 008
92 Belltower Flight ULTIMATE TOPP 009
92 Submarine Chemical Tester  ULTIMATE TOPP 010
93 Submarine Dinosaurs (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 011T
93 Werefrogs Nixie Concussion ULTIMATE TOPP 012
93 Not Issued ULTIMATE TOPP 013
93 Sidi Bou Said Twilight Eyes ULTIMATE TOPP 014
93 Werefrogs  Potvan ULTIMATE TOPP 015
93 Senser Eject / Don'T Lose Your Soul ULTIMATE TOPP 016T
93 Sidi Bou Said Three Sides ULTIMATE TOPP 017
93 Submarine  Jodie Foster ULTIMATE TOPP 018
93 Senser Key ULTIMATE TOPP 019
94 8 Storey Window  I Will ULTIMATE TOPP 020
94 Submarine  Lips And Fingers ULTIMATE TOPP 021
94 Senser Switch ULTIMATE TOPP 022
94 Sidi Bou Said  Thing ULTIMATE TOPP 023
94 Bang Bang Machine  Give You Anything ULTIMATE TOPP 024
94 Submarine Jnr Elvis ULTIMATE TOPP 025
94 Bang Bang Machine / 8 Storey Window Godstar / It'S Been Done ULTIMATE TOPP 026
94 Senser  Age Of Panic (12")                    ULTIMATE TOPP 027T
95 Hed Reigndance (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 028T
95 Prophecy  Featuring Africa True The Vision (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 029T
95 8 Storey Window What You Like ULTIMATE TOPP 030
95 Sidi Bou Said Wormee (10") ULTIMATE TOPP 031K
95 8 Storey Window -  - 7 Inch - Uk - Ultimate - 1995 I Will ULTIMATE TOPP 032
95 Bang Bang Machine Breathless (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 033T
95 Sidi Bou Said Bodies (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 034
95 Hed Folklaw (12") ULTIMATE TOPP 035T
95 Bang Bang Machine Amphibian (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 036
95 Sidi Bou Said  Ode To Drink ULTIMATE TOPP 037
95 Bang Bang Machine Love It Bleeds ULTIMATE TOPP 038
95 Cradle  Second Nature ULTIMATE TOPP 039
95 Not Traced ULTIMATE TOPP 040
96 Bang Bang Machine Show Me Your Pain ULTIMATE TOPP 041
96 Cradle  Baba Yaga (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 042
96 Candyskins Get On ULTIMATE TOPP 043
96 Not Traced ULTIMATE TOPP 044
96 Senser Charming Demons ULTIMATE TOPP 045
96 Lodestar  Another Day ULTIMATE TOPP 046
96 Gold Blade Soul Power ULTIMATE TOPP 047
96 Candyskins Circles ULTIMATE TOPP 048
96 Lodestar  Lodestar (Cd)   ULTIMATE TOPPCD 049
96 Sidi Bou Said Funnybody ULTIMATE TOPP 050
96 Candyskins Mrs Hoover ULTIMATE TOPP 051
96 Gold Blade Black Elvis  ULTIMATE TOPP 052
97 Sidi Bou Said           Obsessive (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 053
97 Candyskins Sunday Morning Fever (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 054
97 Candyskins Monday Morning ULTIMATE TOPP 055
97 Gold Blade Strictly Hardcore ULTIMATE TOPP 056
97 Sidi Bou Said           Like You (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 057
97 Gold Blade Home Turf (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 058
97 Candyskins Hang Myself On You ULTIMATE TOPP 059
97 Gold Blade Not Even Jesus ULTIMATE TOPP 060
97 Gold Blade Hometurf (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 061
97 Blue Seed  Pointing Upwards ULTIMATE TOPP 062
98 Candyskins Feed It (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 063
98 Senser Asylum (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 064
98 Candyskins You Better Stop (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 065
98 Senser Breed ULTIMATE TOPP 066
98 Gold Blade 16 Tons  ULTIMATE TOPP 067
98 Blueseed Special Care And Spare Change     ULTIMATE TOPP 068
98 Not Traced ULTIMATE TOPP 069
98 Candyskins Somewhere Under Lond (Cd)              ULTIMATE TOPPCD 070
98 Goldblade Goldblade Drop The Bomb (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 071
98 Candyskins Death Of A Minor Tv Celebrity (Cd) ULTIMATE TOPPCD 072
98 Not Traced   ULTIMATE TOPP 073
98 Not Traced   ULTIMATE TOPP 074
98 Not Traced   ULTIMATE TOPP 075
98 Goldblade Hairystyle ULTIMATE TOPP 076
92 The Belltower  Sea Of Smiles  ULTIMATE FREE 001
92 Werefrogs Forest Of Doves ULTIMATE FROG 1
97 Lodestar Down In The Mud ULTIMATE FEZ 001

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