V4 Records was a sub-label of Sony Records. It managed two singles. It issued singles in an V4V-000 numerical series. Jocasta were a Britpop band formed in London in 1994. They had two minor hit singles and released one album before splitting up in the late 1990s. The band comprised Tim Arnold (vocals, guitar and piano), Jack Reynolds (lead guitar), Adrian Meehan (drums) and Andy Lewis (bass guitar). In 1995, Jocasta had signed a worldwide record deal with Sony via Sony LRD. Jocasta's management set up their own label, V4 records and were distributed by Sony for their first two singles "Go" and "Change Me". In early 1996, Sony moved them over to Epic Records to be looked after by the head of the company, Rob Stringer. Distributed By Sony Music Records.

95 Jocasta Go V4 V4V 001
96 Jocasta Change Me V4 V4V 002

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