Independent label: Vendetta Records was a garage rock label formed in 1994 closed in 1997. It managed nine singles. It issued singles in an VEND-000 numerical series. Vendetta Records Former Address: 22. Byrd Close Waterlooville PO7 5UX. And P.O.Box  115, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 5YA. Distributed By Shellshock Records.

94 Green Hornets Baby Don'T Do It  VENDETTA VEND 001
94 Mr. Suave They Call Him VENDETTA VEND 002
94 Thee Cybermen Got A Groove E.P. VENDETTA VEND 003
95 Queen Hornets Never Mind The Green Hornets ItíS The VENDETTA VEND 004
96 Gorgons Big Hits! (Ep) VENDETTA VEND 005
96 Green Hornets,  / Thee Cybermen / Perverts, / Percolators 4 Vox Sake! E.P. VENDETTA VEND 006
96 Various Artists That'S Mighty Childish - Songs Billy Childish Taught Us (Album) VENDETTA VEND 007
96 Thee Cybermen  Borderbeat VENDETTA VEND 008
96 Various Artists 14 Missed Beats 'Music Outta Pompey' (Album) VENDETTA VEND 009
96 Coyote Men, The Vs. Superfly T.N.T.'S No Talent? No Shit!! VENDETTA VEND 010
96 Coyote Men Primitive Urge!  VENDETTA VEND 011
97 Coyote Men Headin' For Trouble (Album) VENDETTA VEND 012

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