Independent label: Vespertine Records was formed by Richard O'Brien in 1995 in Salford Greater Manchester. It managed at lest two singles. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Lazerboy was a Band from Leeds, It's Members were Chris Trout, David Lazonby, Kim Birtwell, Mickey Dale, Stephen Goodwin. The Bitter Springs are an English rock group from the London suburb of Teddington. The band evolved from Last Party, who had formed in 1985, with the name changing in 1996. Band members were Simon Rivers: Guitars, Words, Vocals Daniel Ashkenazy: Bass, Piano, Vocals Paul Baker: Piano, Keyboards, Vocals Paul McGrath: Drums, Vocals, Accordian Phil Martin: violin vocals Nick Brown :guitar vocals. Distributed By Cargo Records.

96 Lazerboy / Quigley Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (10") VESPERTINE VES 001
96 Bitter Springs The Addison Brothers (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 002
98 Lazerboy A Scan For Life  VESPERTINE VES 003
98 Various Artists An Evening In The Company Of The Vespertine (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 004
98 Bear Zero One To Control VESPERTINE VES 005
98 Bear Schadenfreude (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 006
98 Bitter Springs Five Die Filming This Lazy Lark (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 007
98 Unissued VESPERTINE VES 008
99 Montgolfier Brothers Seventeen Stars (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 009
99 Gnac Friend Sleeping (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 010
99 Bitter Springs Benny Hill'S Wardrobe (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 011
99 Unissued VESPERTINE VES 012
99 Various Artists A Murder In The Company Of The Vespertine (Cd) VESPERTINE VES 013

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