Weird Neighbourhood Records was a DIY label formed by Monsoon Bassoon manager John Fowers in 1997,  in order to issue Monsoon Bassoon recordings. The labelís first release was the debut Monsoon Bassoon single, the double A-side Wise Guy/28 Days In Rocket Ship. Much to the bandís astonishment, this was awarded Single of the Week in New Musical Express. It managed six singles. It issued singles in an WNRS-0 numerical series. Monsoon Bassoon were a British independent rock band active between 1995 and 2001. Monsoon Bassoon Band Line-up was Kavus Torabi - Guitar, vocals Dan Chudley - Guitar, vocals Sarah Measures - Saxophone, clarinet, flute, vocals Laurie Osborne - Bass Jamie Frazer Keddie - Drums. Weird Neighbourhood Records. PO Box 7279, London E6 8XQ. Distributed By Shellshock. Records.

97 Monsoon Bassoon Wise Guy WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD WNRS 1
98 Monsoon Bassoon In The Iceman's Back Garden  WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD WNRS 2
99 Monsoon Bassoon The King Of Evil WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD WNRS 3
99 Monsoon Bassoon I Dig Your Voodoo WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD WNRS 4
2000 Monsoon Bassoon Wall Of Suss No 1 WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD WNRS 5
2000 Monsoon Bassoon Wall Of Suss No  2  WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD WNRS 6

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