Whipcord Records was a DIY label. It managed three singles. It issued singles in an W-CRACK-000 numerical series. Big Leaves were a Welsh rock band formed in 1988, originally named Beganifs. They disbanded in 2003, with two members subsequently forming Sibrydion. The band was formed in 1988 as Beganifs by then 11 and 12-year old school pupils Rhodri Sion (vocals), Meilir Gwynedd (guitar), Kevin Tame (bass guitar, trumpet), and Osian Gwynedd (drums, keyboards). Whipcord Records Former Address: 77 Whipcord Lane Chester CH1 4DG. Distributed By Shellshock Records.

97 Beganifs Llygaid Gwyder Ep  WHIPCORD W-CRACK 001
99 Big Leaves Sly Alibi WHIPCORD W-CRACK 002
99 Big Leaves Racing Birds WHIPCORD W-CRACK 003

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