Independent label: Yep! Records. It issued singles in an YEP-0 numerical series. The Fire Dept (19872004) were a punk rock group started in 1987 in Cambridge. The main core of the band over the years comprised Neil Palmer on guitar and vocals, Neale Richardson on bass and Robin Taylor on drums. La Secta was a Spanish loud punk rock'n'roll band formed in the Winter of 1988 in Bilbao. Vibrasonic was formed in Brighton, England by Victor Fitch (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, sitar), Simon Jones (guitar, sitar, bass, drums in 1990. Yep! Records Former Address: P.O. Box 148  Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3DQ. Distributed By Cargo Records.

93 Fire Dept.  Where Do You Keep Your Heart  YEP! YEP 1
93 American Ruse Whatever Hapened To Fun YEP! YEP 02
93 Vibrasonic Kingsley J. YEP! YEP 3
94 La Secta  Kill A Cop YEP! YEP 4
96 Vibrasonic Into Sunshine YEP! YEP 5

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