Independent label: YOYO Records managed two singles by A.C. Acoustics. It issued singles in an YOYO-00 numerical series. AC Acoustics were a Scottish indie rock band from Glasgow, formed in 1990. Over their thirteen years of existence, they released a string of singles, EPs and albums on a number of independent record labels. They split up in 2003. A.C. Acoustics Real Name: Paul Campion, Caz Riley, Dave Gormley, Mark Raine. Distributed By Shellshock Records.

98 Whiteout Big Wow ‎(Album) YOYO YOYO 01
98 Whiteout Kickout EP ‎(CD) YOYO YOYO 02
98 A.C. Acoustics Like Ribbons YOYO YOYO 03
98 A.C. Acoustics She's With Stars YOYO YOYO 04

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